Jim Politis
Jim Politis, NSTA President

Substitute Teacher Bill of Rights
(as based upon the model of the Michigan Professional Substitute Teachers Association)

I. Substitute teachers will be accorded the dignity and respect that as professional educators, they have earned.
II. Substitute teachers will be provided with all the information they need to create a successful learning experience for all students.
III. Substitute teachers will be provided a safe working environment and a complete list of procedures and policies of the building to which the teacher is assigned. 
IV. Substitute teachers will be kept informed about appropriate training and professional development opportunities offered by school districts. 
V. Substitute teachers will have equal access to employer provided health services. 
VI. Substitute teachers will have equal access to due process. 
VII. Substitute teachers will receive compensation commensurate with the essential services they perform. 
VIII. Substitute teachers, as invaluable assets to the entire school community, will receive full consideration for full contractual employment, as positions become available.