Jim Politis
Jim Politis, NSTA President

"It was exciting to lead a rapidly growing organization that gave a voice to the needs of nearly 400,000 substitutes! In two "historic" national conferences NSTA has emphasized the role of substitute teachers as partners in education who are deserving of fundamental respect for their educational contributions. Help us realize our goals to obtain professional development and training; decent wages, health benefits, and due process. Be part of our growing education family. Please join us!" -Shirley Kirsten, Fresno, CA - Past NSTA President

"The NSTA inspired me to push for minimum salary legislation in Pennsylvania--it has been re-introduced (HB 849) and we're hoping it will pass!!" -Jennifer, Mt. Pleasant, PA

"NSTA's "voice" will positively change history for substitute teachers." -Trudy McKinney, Camden, NJ

"NSTA membership has provided a wide base of support for my work as a teaching substitute. The NSTA leadership has already helped with salary increases, better working conditions and assuring that DUE PROCESS is afforded to all substitutes. JOIN NOW!" -Colonel Hal Yaskovich, USAF retired, Glenelg, MD

"NSTA is effectively networking with subs around the country to promote decent wages, health benefits, and due process...Come join us!!" -Mitch Harkavy, Endicott, NY -Past Executive Board Member
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