Jim Politis
Jim Politis, NSTA President

Top 10 Reasons To Join The NSTA

1. Your profession 
Substitute Teaching is a proud profession that goes well beyond the stigma of "babysitting" that has been placed upon our profession. It requires an enormous responsibility and level of professionalism equal to our full-time counterparts. The NSTA is committed to promoting and improving the profession and the working conditions of substitute teachers across the United States.

2. Your salary and benefits
Economic security is vital to every NSTA member. The NSTA's top priority is to help substitutes achieve the compensation and benefits they so rightfully deserve so that districts and schools across the nation can attract and retain the most qualified substitutes.

3. Your rights
If you or your rights are threatened in the course of your employment, the NSTA is there to advocate for you. We represent our members proudly and effectively.

4. The ability to network
Through annual conferences and access to a year-round E-Mail list, the NSTA allows you the opportunity to meet other substitute teachers and gain friendships that will last a lifetime.

5. The opportunity to help shape our organization
Member comments are always taken into consideration by the officers and executive board members. Therefore, it's always in your best interest to voice them wheny ou have them. The NSTA is your organization. So, make it work for you!

6. Your pocketbook
By using the many benefits offered by the NSTA and  its providers, members can save! If you need insurance, discounts, and whatnot, your membership provides many money-saving programs. 

7. Your resume
Membership in the NSTA looks good under the heading PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS or ORGANIZATIONS because it shows districts and schools that you're committed to bettering yourself and your profession in ever way possible. 

8. Our organization 
The NSTA's strength comes from you and more than 100 of your colleagues. Your decision to become a NSTA member strengthens public knowledge about us and our profession.

9. Our voice 
The NSTA speaks as the voice of susbtitute teaching and substitute teachers across the nation. The NSTA makes members' voices heard on the issues that matter most for our profession.

10. Our future 
The NSTA is committed to ensuring the future of quality substitutes who are well-prepared to meet the challenges of their profession. In addition, the NSTA is committed to helping improve our profession and image in ways you can only begin to imagine! A better future for all begins with involved members who unite through their professional association.
So join the NSTA today!...
You can print a copy of our Printable Membership Form to fill out and mail.