Substitute Teacher Forms

As we move in to the new year and as all school districts nationwide go digital, we as Substitute Teachers must keep up with technology. All Substitute Teachers can now use and access the digital Substitute Teacher Feed back forms that Lee County Substitutes have been using for over 2 years without any problems.

Question 1 – How many of you are keeping a copy of your hand written Substitute Teacher Feed back forms for your files?

Question 2 – How many of you are emailing the teacher your covering for the Substitute Teacher Feed back forms everyday, so that they know what is going on when they come back to class the next day or after a weekend?, and not be caught unaware of what was going on?

Question 3 – How many of you are using Substitute Teacher Feed back forms to your best advantage?

Question 4 – How many of you have backup copies of all your Substitute Teacher Feed back forms from the day you started during the current school year?, incase something happened and you needed to remember what happened day before, weeks before or even months before?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions you need to consider using or start to use the new digital Substitute Teacher Feed back forms.

The key to being called back by a teacher to cover for him or her again is organization and how well you do your job and feed back to the teacher.

This is a new year so let’s all try and provide professional feed back for our teachers.

The forms on this page are all digital Substitute Teacher Feedback forms that can be used anywhere in the country. They are made in PDF format and can be filled out and printed, and or saved to your usb drive as a backup of what you did during that day of school.

If you need them modified please contact the webmaster for assistance. If you have a form you would like to share with other substitute teachers please email the webmaster.

Substitute Teachers Report Form – General

Substitute Teachers Report Form Block Blank

Substitute FeedBack Form

Sub Teacher Daily Report

Sub Teacher Daily Report 2


Replacement for Sticky Notes used on papers by Substitute Treachers

Elementary School homework/classwork slip

Middle School homework/classwork slip

High School homework/classwork slip

General – School homework/classwork slip


Substitute Teacher School – Name Tag – Blank
This Name Tag is a 4 x 10 inch and can be filled in and printed then cut and put into a
4 x 10 inch magnetic photo holder and used daily.