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Standing Up For Stand-In Educators!

For the first time in our history an organization, NSTA, has been formed that gives substitute teachers a forum of expression on a nationwide level. We believe that our message will raise public consciousness about our value as educators as it sets forth goals that will improve our professional skills, and effectiveness in the classroom.

NSTA’s mission is to promote dignity and respect for substitute teachers who provide educational continuity for our nation’s students. We support professional development and training programs; improved wages and health benefits; a fair evaluation and grievance process, and full, unbiased consideration for contractual employment. We affirm that substitute teachers can best advance these gains through the collective bargaining process. …”So we may realize our educational value, and have a voice that resonates from State to State, and District to District.

The NSTA was formed on July 15, 2000 in Washington D.C. and has continuously been there for the nation’s substitute teachers.

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