Substitute Teaching Improvement Act

Rep. Donald Payne (D-NJ) has just introduced a bill to the House of Representatives. This new bill is called the Substitute Teaching Improvement Act (aka HR 3345).

HR 3345 will do the following:

  1. Establish a program to increase the effectiveness of substitute teaching through a comprehensive training program.
  2. Ask the Secretary of Education to authorize demonstration funds for the purpose of training substitute teachers.
  3. Evaluate what training programs are most effective for the training of Substitute Teachers.

HR 3345 will provide training in:

  • classroom management
  • effective teaching strategies that address students needs and styles
  • teacher professionalism
  • educational laws and issues; e.g. Liability for subs.
  • best practices for recruiting subs
  • preparing students for subs; and
  • proper planning and follow-up for subs.

HR 3345 is THE MOST promising piece of legislation for substitute teachers in years because it will actually provide funds to train substitutes to do an even better job with the young people they’re responsible for. This is something we subs have always asked for – TRAINING!

In order for this bill to pass it MUST come out of the commitee to the House or it will die.

Every substitute MUST phone, write, E-Mail their representatives and ask them to support this bill! Please DON’T let it die!!! Only you can get the message out. If everyone does this then we can succeed in achieving our objectives. Yes we can accomplish our goals!

Please contact your local representative and all those sitting on the Education and Labor Committe to help push it through. CLICK HERE to view the bill.